Water Heaters & Water Softeners

Pure Plumbing L.L.C. understand the importance of having a your water heaters & water softeners working properly. There is nothing worse than running out of hot water during a shower or seeing hard water stains on your dishes. Whether it is replacing an existing water heater or water softener or simply repairing your current one, Pure Plumbing is here to help. While we do recommend certain brands we do intall and repair all makes and models. See details below.

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    Water Heaters

    Bradford-White, State & AO Smith

    We have found that typically water heaters remain maintenance-free for years, with the average life span of a water heater lasting at least 8 to 10 years. Should you experience an issue with your water heater (leaking around base, lack of hot water, rotten egg or foul odor, rust-colored water, whining sound, low rumbling noise, etc.), it is important to have a professionally trained technician service your unit.

    Professional Water Heater Installation

    Pure Plumbing L.L.C. goes the extra mile to provide an honest service from professional plumbers while offering competitive rates. We believe in completing the job right the first time and use the highest quality parts and equipment to ensure that everything works properly. We are a licensed plumbing company and follow all state and local plumbing codes. You can trust Pure Plumbing L.L.C. us to provide you with the service you deserve, satisfaction guaranteed!

    Water Heater Pricing

    The upfront price we quote includes the heater, delivery, necessary parts, labor and minor piping adjustments for a standard removal and installation. Additional charges may apply and will be quoted upfront if we have to remove unrelated piping, appliances or furniture to access the heater.

    The price includes removal and haul away of your old water heater. The upfront price does not include corrections needed to meet the state and local plumbing codes. Any installation upgrades will be quoted upfront before any work is started.

    Water Heater Warranties

    All of our Bradford White residential water heaters are backed with a written 6 Year full-rated warranty (not pro-rated).

    State residential water heaters carry a 6 year tank and parts warranty.

    AO Smith residential water heaters carry a 6 year tank and parts warranty.

    Free Water Heater Estimates

    Pure Plumbing L.L.C. offers FREE, no-obligation estimates for water heater systems to residents in the local service area. Please call us to see if you qualify.

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    Water Softeners

    Kinetico, Water Soft, Clack, Fleck & Autotrol

    Do you have hard water, the signs will be water heater not lasting to its full potential, faucets having calcium build up in them. The good news Pure Plumbing can help….

    Professional Water Softener Installation

    Pure Plumbing will come to your home or business test your water, provide you with information on the different models available and answer all your questions. Once you have chosen your style of water softener we will have a very qualified licensed plumber install your softener in a timely matter that fits your scheduling needs. After project is completed we will make sure it is up and running to its highest quality performance.

    Water Softener Pricing

    The instant you have chosen the brand and model water softener, we will begin figuring out the cheapest cost for you. We will give you an honest upfront cost with no hidden fees.

    Water Softener Warrenties

    Kinetico water softeners offers a 10 year warranty on certain models. Other brands vary in warranty.

    Free Water Softener Estimates

    Pure Plumbing L.L.C. offers FREE, no-obligation estimates for water softener systems to residents in the local service area. Please call us to see if you qualify.

What Pure Plumbing CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY...

  • I called Pure Plumbing to unclog my sewer and they came out the next day. The technician was courteous and pleasant and left no mess for me to clean up. Two days later the owner of the company called me to ask about the quality and timeliness of the service. A+

    - Becky P.
  • Fast friendly service. Estimated 2 days for sump pump install - did in 1 day, and job was excellent. Highly recommend this plumber business

    -Kurt K. Arnold, MO
  • Rich was prompt, professional and courtious. Job was completed on a timely basis and as quoted. Completely satisfied.

    -Kenneth T. Arnold, MO
  • I would highly recommend Pure Plumbing as your plumbing contractor. We were about halfway in the building of our new home, when our general contractor quit the project. As you can imagine, plumbing, electrical and carpentry was left unfinished and in disarray. Just the thought of hiring new contractors to finish the project was unnerving, given our previous experience with our initial contractor. We contacted Rich Meikamp with Pure Plumbing and he came out to assess the project. My first impression was how knowledgeable, courteous and organized Rich was. He took the time to explain each part of the plumbing he would need to install and/or redo. He provided detailed invoicing and his pricing was affordable. Rich is very honest and he is very particular about his work. You don’t find many craftsmen who take pride and ownership of their work these days, and with Pure Plumbing, it isn’t done, unless it is done right. I only wished I had used Pure Plumbing from the very start of my house build.

    -Dennis Gilkey, Fenton Mo